Anyone who intends to realize or use video for cinematography or television purposes and photographic documentation for articles, books, thesis and everything which deals with the Festivity and with the Districts, will have to make inquiry to the Consorzio per la Tutela del Palio di Siena.
Image and Communication Area
Via di Città 34 - 53100 Siena
Telephone number 0577 43875
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your request will be analyzed, according to the competencies provided by the Statute and the Regulation, by the Image and Communication Area’ s CEO and then submitted to the Administration Council approval. Only after it has been approved, images will be authorized or sent and an agreement will be concluded which rules all the technical, organizational and economical aspects and it establishes the criteria and context of diffusion.
As a matter of principle, the CTPS demands to know the definitive drafting of video or essays for which you are requesting the authorization.
This for the purpose of safeguarding the editors themselves, as well as the Festivity, avoiding the possibility of running into mistakes. That is why we talk about the complexity of the “Palio world”.
The free concession of rights is provided only for exceptional cases.

Concerning the images of the Races, we have the Programme Agreement for the regulation of access to television broadcasting, firstly subscribed by the Municipality of Siena, the Magistrate of the Districts and the consorzio for the safeguard of the Palio in 1999 and gradually renovated. It entrusts to the consorzio the exclusive task of managing the images of Palio (during the period of its carrying out) both from a technical point of view and from an organizational and financial one. No authorization, permission, right or anything else which deals with television or cinematographic broadcasting of the Palio or the events related to it can in any way be granted to public or private third parties.
The footage shot and the images obtained are exclusive property of the Municipality of Siena, the Magistrate and the consorzio, and any usage of them is the responsibility of the aforementioned entities.
The consorzio can initiate a regular contract for the concession of their own images and footage to public or private broadcasters according to accurate criteria, conditions and operating modality (among which the commitment to respect the principles of the Festival, the prohibition for the issuers to cede the images received by the consorzio to third parties unless a previous agreement with the consorzio itself, the prohibition for the issuers to interrupt with any kind of advertising the Palio Race and to insert images in disrespectful contexts, according to the consorzio discretion).