Sometimes over the years - since the first good-natured warning submitted by the A.D. Brand Area or the A.D. Image and Communication Area was not enough - taking advantage of the legal assistance first provided by the lawyer Marco Comporti, from Siena, and then provided by the lawyer Michele Alliegro from the LMCA law office in Rome; it was necessary for the consorzio to ensure third parties that improperly used images of the Race or Districts, their coats of arms or their colors, not only for advertising purposes, but also with denigrating purpose.
consorzio’s image rights directly derive from an agreement between the Municipality of Siena - the institution which safeguard the population of Siena and deals with the organization of the Palio - The Magistrate of the Districts and the consorzio itself.

Concerning the safeguard of the Mark, the legislation regulating the registration of marks and granting exclusive rights to the owner of the registered marks is the D'Lgs 30/2015 (Code of industrial property).
By way of example, until now have been sent:

N. 11 It defends you against italian broadcasters, TV programs and productions

N. 2 it defends you against foreign broadcasters, TV programs and productions

N. 29 it defends you against italian and foreign websites

N. 15 it defends you against newspapers and magazines

N. 16 it defends you against companies/ individuals from Siena and surroundings

N. 87 it defends you against italian companies/ entities/ individuals

N. 23 it defends you against non-italian companies/ individuals




On almost 11 occasions, the warning was not enough and it was necessary to take legal action.